Art Gallery

BEAUTIFY Your Home- A Trick Of The Trade:

People bring me in to envisage their spaces and stylishly pull them together. One great trick I love pulling out is something you and your family can try together this weekend. 

Pick up your favorite magazine today, or go through your pinterest account and I'm sure you'll find scores of images of airy, welcoming rooms.

If you’re like most people, that'll probably make you scratch your head, look around at your stuff and wonder ‘where do those people put it?!’ If that's the case - try this trade secret: Elegant, breezy spaces often starts with uncluttered horizontal surfaces.

Dining and family rooms in particular seem to be our families’ home bases for a mishmash of frames, photos, and mementos. Heartwarming and dear, I would never suggest you get rid of them. Instead, group and hang your favorite photographs & items on a wall. Hallways and staircases are my favorite places to do this - intimate and typically unadorned by art, they’re a perfect spot to dress with your best-loved faces and things. 

Getting your family photos off your horizontal surfaces and putting them together for a fun, dramatic moment is a no brainer. Trust me, you'll see more of them this way too!

Formative Designs Hanging an Art GalleryTo hang an art gallery like a pro, start the cutting out paper to the exact size of your frames and do a quick sketch inside it. Carefully hang the artwork on the hooks for the nails and touch them to to the paper to determine the correct height to hang the art hook. It's an easy, elegant solution to hanging lots of art at one time without costly mistakes. Here we hung almost 20 frames in just a few hours.

Here’s the final result.

The high gloss walls are one of my favorite tricks to pull out in a dark area. a great idea to bring in additional light and interest to a narrow, back stairway. How nice would it be to see your own family’s gallery come together this mother’s day?